Measurement & Allocation

More accurate data means more reliable revenue

Using accurate measurement data for consistent flow and allocation

Inaccurate flow and allocation measurement can negatively impact the optimization and profitability of Oil & Gas well operations. Many companies have come to accept measurement errors that result in millions of dollars in lost profit. Fortunately, real-time measurements systems and analytics software are now able to ensure quality and traceability from the sensor in the field to the software in the office, eliminating uncertainty and ensuring profitability. 

It is not just about the process data. The issue with data quality is looking to all data of the entire evacuation system, including all measurements/devices, usage, value, and historical maintenance, diagnostic, calibration, and validation data. 

When do you need Measurement & Allocation?

Remote access & monitor Assets

Reduce measurement errors & Uncertainty

Reduce emissions

Work closer to operation limits, while keeping it safe

Have a transparent system in place, traceable & reliabile data

Improve business results

More accurate data means more reliable revenue

When do you need Measurement & Allocation consulting?

Hint provides Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) on any Measurement & Allocation and Metrological topics. We operate as fully independent consultants and solution providers globally. 

  • – Fluid flow and composition metrology
  • – Metering station design
  • – Audit & inspection, validation, and revalidation of metering stations
  • – Independent arbiter in case of dispute between buyer and seller of gas/oil.
  • – Calibration witness service (both single and multi-phase)
  • – Single flow measurement including emission measurement
  • – Multi-phase flow measurement for allocation/metering selection, high water cut, and PVT simulation
  • – Flow meter design/evaluation/metering data interpretation
  • – Big data processing and software requirements 
  • – Training / Courses on the following subjects: Uncertainty calculations (theory and application on fluid flow and composition), Flow Metrology, Multiphase Flow metering, Wet gas flow measurement, Measurement of Liquefied Natural Gas, Determination of data quality, Practical applications of Monte Carlo simulations, Gas Pressure regulation, Process Safety.