Data Management

Better managed data means better insights 

Data management

Making data accessible, reliable and useful across the organization

Managing critical data across your organization and throughout a facility’s lifecycle is vital to ensuring that data is available, reliable and useful. Our platform-agnostic approach to engineering information lifecycle management looks at the entirety of how data is generated, stored, managed, distributed, analyzed and used at various points in your workflow and various phases of a project, from feasibility studies to facility design to procurement and construction to operations. 

Everyone in our industry is talking about Digitalization and Digital transformation, Digital Twin, industry 4.0, IIoT, silo integrating, big data, interoperability, data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning. But all of this starts with reliable measurements, working safer, reduce costs and work more efficiently. We are buying for decades smart sensors, but we do not use the diagnostics and do not combine these data holistically with historical validation data, maintenance/engineering data and real-time process data. Our goal for data management consulting is to ensure decision makers have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based decisions.

When do you need Data Management

Improve the trust through data driven decision making, getting transparant, traceable, reliable and useful data

Reduce maintenance and material costs

Improve lifetime of the equipment

Safe operating conditions

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Improve business results

Better management data means better insigths

Ways we can help​

  • Data management assessment and consulting
  • Data and knowledge management process development
  • Data collection and storage deployment and integration
  • Analytics and collaboration software selection and deployment
  • Real-time data validation & software deployment

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