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January 8, 2018. Houston, Texas

After prolonged, thoughtful negotiation, a shared vision came to fruition as Siemens and HINT signed a global agreement designed to leverage the best of both companies know-how, with regards to software products and consultancy, serving both oil and gas and petrochemical clients. The main goal of the Oil and Gas Cooperation Agreement, is to help these industries define and successfully achieve digital transformation via innovative technologies that fully automate and, thereby, reduce costs of processing data end-to-endfrom sensors in the oilfield or plant facility all the way to the headquarters boardroom- and increase efficiency in every stage of the project lifecycle (e.g. from consulting in the concept and FEED phase, design and build and operation and maintenance).

The two entities, which will remain independent, plan to come together as needed on projects that can benefit from combining specific offerings in a truly customized manner. The agreement enables seamless collaboration that includes global licensing of software products and the broadest reach possible with strategically located consultants available for quick dispatch from Siemenss worldwide offices, as well as participation of engineering experts from HINT Americas, HINT Europe and HINT Middle East. This ideal pairing of resources comes at the right time to support companies striving to do more with less, while also moving ahead to create the Oil & Gas field of the future in more efficiency and sustainable based way.

The latest in OT (Operational Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things) will be used to deliver highly accurate, integrated, real-time information pertaining to upstream, midstream and downstream business processes, even in the most remote regions onshore and offshore, providing valuable insights for critical decision-making and support to create the Oil & Gas field of the future. This will be accomplished by a dedicated portfolio initially comprised of three complementary Siemens solutions. First and foremost is the industry-leading PLM suite of software for product lifecycle management. Second is the COMOS suite of software modules that cover all stages of project developmentfrom process design, to basic and detailed engineering, to operations. And perhaps the most exciting is the third offering of MindSphere, an open cloud platform specially designed for industry and IoT, facilitating collaboration across tools, applications and processes. 

HINTs contribution comes primarily from its in-depth metering knowledge, experience and leading-edge software technology, AMADAS (Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition System). This system has powerful data capture, consolidation and visualization capabilities that cost-effectively automate the monitoring of processes and operations to better evaluate and improve the performance of analyzers. 

This just scratches the surface, but you get the idea for new software portfolio developments by using the portfolio, Knowledge of Hint and Siemens and use the strength of both companies. Watch for ground-breaking transformational results sure to be produced by this dynamic duo starting in 2018, when the newly joined teams will launch their combined efforts to provide smart digitally-driven technologies and sustainable solutions that work now and in the years ahead. 

Siemens Process Industries and Drives Division (PD) and Digital Factory Division (DF) offer an innovative portfolio (hardware, software, application, solutions) for the Oil and Gas industry. In addition to that the Vertical Market Management Oil and Gas (PD Sales) works on new business models which will reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs and. to respond to short- and mid-term market supply and demand dynamics, as well as longer term sustainability based on energy trans transition toward Renewable Energy. Siemens helps operators achieve this unique balance through a spectrum of upstream, midstream and downstream technological innovations and solutions. Applications include subsea, offshore/onshore drilling, FPSO, FSO, FLNG, Jackups, platforms, and production, pipelines, LNG, storage and refining/petrochemical, CCUS, Hydrogen and Renewables Visit the website at .

HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The expertise of their specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement. With early beginnings in The Netherlands, they now have partner companies in several Middle East countries, Russia and Nigeria, as well as an active presence and participation in Government-sponsored trade missions, such as Vietnam and Brazil. The recently expanded team in Houston, Texas has a goal of making more accurate measurement a reality for the oil and gas, petrochemical and potentially medical industries.