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Current Situation

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The method of monitoring equipment is changing within the Energy & Renewable and (Petro) Chemical industry. The number of analyzers is increasing while the number of subject matter experts (SME) is decreasing. To tackle this phenomenon, the industry needs to become more efficient.

The way equipment is being analyzed is moving from analyzer data and expert analysis to historical data and statistical analysis from a database in the office. All aspects of the analyzer can be observed when standing near the analyzer. At that moment, an operator can determine if the analyzer is running correctly or not, but the history is unknown. When analyzing historical process data, additional diagnostics are often missing. Without diagnostic and fault alarm data, the quality of analyzer data cannot be confirmed. Without confirmation, this data is not reliable.

5 Challenges

The following challenges about improving efficiency of the maintenance of your assets are foreseen:
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Flow
  • Sensor Data Quality
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Access Control
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