Yara - Nu3

AML Loading


Nu3 is a Fertilizer production plant which produces several kinds of manures. The liquid manures are mostly delivered to gardeners by regular transport companies. Until the Summer of 2003 the filling of trucks was done manually by operators. This led to long waiting times for truck drivers. Due to a sudden increase of sales of 60 percent, NU3 had to improve this situation. Sales depend on the weather, therefore it is impossible to correctly schedule the required amount of operators.

Project Scope

Hint developed a system for Analyser Management, Metering & Loading Control (AML), for which Hint provides the essential functionality. AML Loading controls the process and transports data to databases and to the user interface. After NU3 had done the required preparation, Hint started writing the software. They were able to deliver the completed software within 6 weeks, which is an extremely short period. This could be realized thanks to the choice for the development the AML suite. AML is object oriented and has strong reuse capabilities. This leads to a significant decrease of time needed to finish projects. Users have remote access and support can be done from a distant location.