Case study PDO Harweel

Software Engineering and Analyzer Deployment, PDO Harweel


Hint successfully implemented an AML-AMADAS system for the Harweel facilities of end-customer Petroleum PDO Oman 1Development Oman (PDO). The project was executed in cooperation with automation contractor Emerson Process Management. Hint was responsible for providing software engineering services (i.e. design, implementation, configuration, and testing) and supplying the required computer equipment for the AML-AMADAS system. Reliable measurements from analyzer systems are the foundation for the efficient and effective operation of a plant. However, these systems require frequent validation and maintenance in order to meet the performance requirements. PDO required a system to help them reduce the costs of maintenance and improve the performance of their analyzer systems.



AML-AMADAS fulfilled PDO’s need by providing an infrastructure that assists in managing and maintaining online analysers at the plant with a minimum of resources. AML-AMADAS is a system that monitors, evaluates and improves the performance of online analysers in a cost-effective manner. It automatically collects real-time data from analysers and/or DCS, collects manually-entered data, interprets analyser performance and provides guidance for maintenance. Hint also provided and deployed all of the server infrastructure and hardware necessary to run the solution. The AML-AMADAS server is connected to two local networks: the OPC network and the Plant Information Network (PIN). The OPC network is used for interaction of I/O data with the Emerson DeltaV OPC server. The PIN is a general-purpose network that is used for exchanging information between the AML-AMADAS workstation and the AML-AMADAS server.



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