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Innovation Program North Sea Energy 3


Hint is participating as an associated partner in the research group Innovation Program North Sea Energy, which focuses on accelerating the energy transition from traditional Oil & Gas Fossil Energy Production to Renewable Energy at the North Sea. The ultimate NSE goal is to integrate roadmaps and techno-economic analyses for the separate system integration options to come to an integrated approach for energy system modeling with the aim to address the role and potential for infrastructure re-use at the North Sea towards 2050; This includes investigating options how to best re-use existing O&G infrastructure during a transition period to produce both fossil and renewable energy and switching over time to 100% renewable energy sources, including:


  • – Electricity Production (Predominantly from wind energy)
  • – Power to Gas (P2G): Hydrogen Production
  • – Temporary Storage of Hydrogen to use Wind Electricity peaks (Using existing offshore assets)
  • – Other renewable energy (Incl. Bio-energy where relevant)


Hint’s role is focusing on addressing metering aspects and associated challenges. This experience will become essential for many parties world-wide over time.  

Reliable metering will form the foundation for Dynamic modelling & optimization of offshore energy hubs, as the various types of energy have different caloric value and physical behaviour. Providing reliable measurements is key to Safe Operations and any Production System Optimisation, and Production Forecasting. Thus, not only the measuring the various types of gas is critical, but also measuring impurities and contaminations (e.g. sulphur) to ensure that these components stay within the maximum concentration allowed.

Determining a measurement strategy for new Energy solutions.

Identifying and addressing key Data Quality issues, and proposing a Measurement Strategy that build on getting max value from the new generation of smart sensors. Ultimate goal is to ensure that the gas being measured within agreed accuracy and that it has the right quality, which allows it to either (a) directly been used by consumers, or (b) that it can easily processed further to meet the Gas Quality requirements of the existing Gas Supply Infrastructure onshore.

Generally, designing, planning, and implementing suitable Analyzer Mgt systems for all relevant components of gas supply that are part of the Renewable Energy system.

Working together with Hint partners to provide solutions for Hydrogen Leak Detection.



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