Case study Khurais - Saudi Aramco

AML-AMADAS (Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition System) 


The Khurais oilfield development is the largest of several Saudi Aramco projects intended to boost the production capacity of Saudi Arabia’s oilfields from 11.3 million BPD to 12.5 million BPD by 2009. The Khurais project as a whole covers three oil fields: Khurais, Abu Jifan, and Mazalij. The Khurais field, with an area of 2,890km² and 127km long, located about 250km southwest of Dhahran and 300km north southeast of Riyadh, is the biggest in the project.


Project Scope

Requirements for analyzer validation and management systems were defined during the FEED phase by Foster Wheeler Energy Limited. Hyundai of Korea managed the project as an EPC contractor. Hint received the order for their analyzer management package from Kas Systems of Korea, the subcontractor for process analysis. Process automation of the plant makes use of Yokogawa DCS equipment. At the order date, the project included eight chromatography systems from ABB. Four of these analyze multiple streams. In addition, the analyzer management system supports ten single-component analyzers such as for oxygen and pH. The plant will use the AML-AMADAS in “line sample mode” i.e. laboratory measurements will be used to validate the analyzers.



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