Case study GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland (GSEPNL)

Metering and Allocation Software Development and Deployment


GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland (GSEPNL) operates on the North Sea. As a partner in several fields and two gas transmission networks, GSEPNL works together with gas producing countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The organization also carries out daily operations for NOGAT gas transmission network. With all these collaborations, complex contractual relationships arise for all stakeholders, which ultimately serve to ensure they can share in the revenues from the North Sea reserves as well as the costs incurred. The processing of the large amount of measurement and allocation data underlying the distributions along with the preparation of report findings for stakeholders is a tough job and requires complex IT systems. Here, GSEPNL is supported by Hint, who specializes in engineering and ICT solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Martin van Beelen is a project manager for GDF SUEZ E&P in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, and is engaged in the hydrocarbon accounting for the company. He discusses the problems in the development of oil and gas fields: “We seek out, explore and develop oil and gas fields. Many IT systems are required to be able to do this. We also manage the IT systems for two gas transport systems, which bring gas from sea to shore. In field operations, there is often a tangle of shareholders and stakeholders. They are entitled to certain fees or they must pay others. We have a metering and allocation system that collects all data for the allocation of proceeds from oil and gas sales and because of the many interests and allocations it is a complicated system to understand.”




In order for GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland to support the translation of data into useful information for interested customers, the company hired Hint, based in Hattem the Netherlands, four years ago. Hint went to work on configuring and setting up the allocation system and developing reports. These include information from GSEPNL’s system, including gas quantities, allocation and invoicing. Van Beelen: “To compile these reports, one needs knowledge of the software from our tool and understanding of complex databases. We work with many databases, which means that precision must be used with the numbers. Sometimes, interpretation of this data is also required. Then you need to comb through the information there and put down the right relationships. Close monitoring is necessary.”



Before Hint went to work for GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland, the organization worked with a report developer from the software provider of its system. That did not produce the desired results. “We now receive appropriate reports faster and with better structure. We also get positive feedback from our customers. The output of the system, hence the quality of the data, has improved since we began working with Hint.” For Van Beelen and his colleagues the support from Hint makes a big difference. “Hint’s activities make our work easier. Hint understands us. They are clearly specialists who work fast and figure things out when needed. I am very satisfied with our work together. I have great confidence in the company.



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