Case study Wasit - Saudi Aramco

AML-AMADAS (Analyzer Management & Data Acquisition System)


The Wasit Gas Plant will be one of the largest nonassociated gas plants ever built by the company Saudi Aramco. Along with the Karan offshore gas field development, Wasit will further raise the gas processing capacity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by about 40 percent. Wasit’s integrated facilities will process 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day (scfd) of non-associated gas from the offshore fields of Arabiyah and Hasbah. Under normal conditions, Wasit is expected to supply 1.7 billion scfd of sales gas to the Master Gas System and have inlet facilities potential of up to 3.05 billion scfd of raw gas during emergencies or demand peaks. The facility will also produce ethane, propane, butane and natural gas. 


Project Scope

The project scope for Hint covered supply of its commercially-of-the-shelf (COTS) software package AML Analyzer Management and delivery of all required project services for realization of a complete working system on site. The project services included specification, design, implementation, configuration, verification, validation, documentation and startup and commissioning. Engineering and assembly of a 19” computer cabinet for sheltering the servers and network equipment was also part of the scope of supply. Hint has executed the AMS project as sub-contractor for analyzer vendor ABB Engineering in Shanghai, China, and Engineering & Procurement Contractor (EPC) Samsung Engineering in Seoul, Korea. AML Analyzer Management for Wasit provides support for monitoring and controlling the performance of 162 analyzer systems including 41 intelligent ABB Process Gas Chromatographs (PGC). The AML software runs on a redundant Dell server configuration using DoubleTake fail-over software. The server is connected to two redundant network, i.e. the DCS network and the analyzer network, which provides direct communication with the PGC’s via OPC. 



For Hint the AMS project started in July 2012 and took approximately one year to complete engineering and implementation. In 2013 the AML equipment was shipped to Saudi Arabia for Integration Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) and then moved to ABB premises in Shanghai for the final FAT, witnessed by representatives of Samsung and Saudi Aramco. The software and hardware implementation of AML Analyzer Management is completed and the total package has been shipped to the Wasit site in Saudi Arabia. Start of startup and commissioning is planned for November/December 2014. 



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