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What is AML-Loading?

AML-Loading is one of the modules of Hint’s AML Information Management solution. It is targeted at accounting and registering the quantity and quality of the delivered products when loading materials into trucks, railcars, barges, and pipelines. Also, AML-Loading offers functionalities for the general industries, where product tracing and tracking are required.

AML-Loading is integrated with lower-level safety interlocks, access, and traffic control when loading into vehicles, interface to weighbridges, badge-readers, trucks, trailers, railcars identification RDIF tag, etc. For custody transfer applications based on volumetric loading, AML-Loading makes use of approved flow computers. If the registration of the delivered products is via weighbridges, AML-Loading can use AML-Metering PC-based flow computing.

Information petrochemical industry

Why should you select AML-Loading?

Automation of a loading facility must be seen as part of the overall logistics of product marketing, distribution, and supply chain management. AML-Loading can generate the needed loading papers and road documents for the driver locally for low complexity applications. Equally, the application can support data entry forms to define the products and quantities to be loaded. Next to loading documents and road papers, AML-Loading offers a set of predefined reports that can be exported to various formats, e.g., HTML, PDF, CSV and Excel. 

Also, loading operations are related to high amounts of money, attempts for fraud need to be prevented. This solution maintains up-to-date information on customers, truck drivers, and truck badges and adjusts this when, e.g., a badge has been lost, or a driver has shown up without valid papers. For the same reason, a very secure system for maintaining passwords should be part of the local loading system. 

When do you need an AML-Loading?

Reduction of inventories

Increasing handling capacity of the loading facilities

Improving the safety

Reduced risk of errors, such as loading the wrong product

Preventing loading by unauthorised customers

Preventing customers from exceeding their quota

Unique features

  • – Identification of personnel, transport vehicles, products, or product batches
  • – Access control
  • – Weighbridges interfaces
  • – Vehicle identification (RFID, badges, keys, barcodes, transponders)
  • – All metering functionality 
  • – Secure storage of loading information 

Unique features

  • – Logistics
  • – Generation of loading documents
  • – PC based flow computer
  • – Hardware independent
  • – Scalable
  • – Remote maintenance
  • – Web-based, meaning access anywhere by authorized users
  • – Interfacing with ERP, Lims, and Process Automation Systems

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