AML-AMADAS (Analyzer Management And Data Acquisition System)

Optimizing the performance of analyzers to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

AML Information Management (AMADAS)


Improving reliability, performance, and safety are among the top priorities for organizations and businesses today. Technicians, engineers, operators, and managers face increasing complexity in their systems and constant pressure to reduce maintenance costs. It would help if you had better visibility of the condition of your process equipment, proven track record to avoid costly unscheduled maintenance and minimize downtime. We help you to realize the desired lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

AML-AMADAS provides real-time data from online instruments/systems (process, diagnostic, historical, and maintenance) to remote monitor, maintain, determine and improve the performance of online equipment, like process analyzers. The purpose is to go from problem-solving to preventing errors. AML-AMADAS results in a more profitable, safer, and sustainable environment for the organization and its employees.

Online Assessment - Benchmark Your Asset Performance Management Strategy

Challenges Managing I/O devices

  • No confidence in the data
  • The number of sensors is increasing, and the number of specialists is decreasing
  • Average of 27 days unplanned downtime each year ($38 million in losses)
  • Communication loss between operation and maintenance
  • Low availability rate of devices
  • Invisible i/o devices performance
  • Human errors from manual coordination
  • Root causes of breakdown are not analyzed
  • Not developed PDCA
  • Compliance

When do you need an AML-AMADAS system?

Monitor Assets​

Reduce unplanned downtime and increase availability and reliability through monitoring and protecting critical assets from emerging threats.

Manage Risk​

Protect the health & safety of all the employees, the environment, and business goals by reducing safety events through working remotely and unplanned downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce costly repairs by detecting problems early, turning unplanned downtime into planned downtime.

Optimize Productivity

By monitoring your assets and production lines, the industry can optimize its productivity by integrating silos and creating new value for the company.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Organizations must plan and implement online measurements to maintain and monitor aging equipment to preserve cost benefits while reducing potential risks, which results in a lower TCO.

Faster time-to-value

A standardized way to connect people, processes, and technology with a consistent interface.

Learn why you're not getting the efficiency from your assets you deserve

Unique Features

  • AML Information Management is the core business with high expertise in this subject
  • Remote accessibility (web-based/ .NET)
  • Our software is no legacy anymore
  • No client software installation required
  • Scalability (5-20.000 analyzers)
  • No Licenses fee (no limitation tags)
  • Users can configure the system by themselves
  • Yearly visit, free installation updates, new functionalities, and training on the job
  • Life Cycle Cost
  • Process & Laboratory analyzer integration
  • Integration with other systems (independent)
  • Strong & flexible reporting tools
  • The solution can also be used for metering and safety-related equipment.

Get Quantified Results with Hint's AML-AMADAS

Reduction in maintenance & inspection costs
Reduction of failure risk
Reduction of unscheduled downtime
Increase of asset availability