More accurate data means more reliable allocation

What is AML-Allocation?

AML Allocation solution is applicable for everything related to producing, transporting, and selling hydrocarbons, which is called Hydrocarbon Accounting (HCA). HCA is important for several reasons: 

1. It helps to ensure accurate measurement and reporting of hydrocarbon production and sales, which is critical for financial and regulatory compliance. 

2. It helps to optimize production and reduce losses due to leaks, spills, or other operational issues.

To do so, AML-Allocation can collect and process data from various sources, such as flow meters, pressure sensors, and laboratory analyses. The data is then used to calculate key performance indicators (KPIs), such as production volumes, product quality, and inventory levels, which are used to inform decision-making and improve operational efficiency. 

HCA is a critical function that helps companies to understand and optimize their production and revenue streams



Hydrocarbon Accounting Modules

  • Produce
  • – Well Test Results
  • – Well Work Over Planner (In Build)
  • – Tanks and Storages
  • – Producing, Injecting, Exporting, Fuel, Flare, Lifting, e.g.
  • – Production Allocations (Pro Rata, Mass-Balance, e.g.)
  • – Loss Management
  • – Chemical Management (Roadmap)
  • – Environmental Calculations (Roadmap)
  •  Transport
  • – Truck Transport 
  • – Tanker Scheduling (Roadmap) 
  • – Gas Dispatching (Roadmap)
  • – LNG (Roadmap)
  •  Selling
  • – Contracts 
  • – Pricing
  • – Invoicing
  • Core (Comes with every instance)
  • – Reporting 
  • – Visualisation
  • – Connecting (XML, REST API, e.g.)
  • – Data Import (Excel, CSV, Text, PDF, e.g.)

There is also a module for Non-Operated assets, to provide automated data loading, validation and reporting on data (reports) from orther parties. 

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