AML Information Management

Real-time data to boost asset productivity, improve reliability, cut costs and reduce risk.

What is AML Information Management

AML Information Management is a real-time Asset Management & Laboratory system for technicians, engineers, operators, and managers. AML helps analyze the root cause of the problems and or initiate actions based on conditions created by the users. AML provides users with an interface towards the equipment to make their work more efficient, transparent, and from one place in the cloud.  

Hint’s AML Information Management offers a suite of complementary solutions for:

  • Automation Transfer applications
  • Situations where qualities and quantities need to be accurately monitored,
  • Accounted and controlled, as quality and quantity giveaways are directly related to the financial side of the business.

AML Information is divided into three different solutions, but the beauty is that it’s possible to combine these solutions in one application. These three solutions are AML-AMADASAML-Metering, and AML-Loading. 

AMADAS: Analyzer Management & Data Acquisition System

Real-Time With AML Information Management


Provides real-time data from online analyzers (process, diagnostic, historical, and maintenance) to remote monitor, maintain, determine and improve the analyzer's performance.


Have broad applicability for product/energy accounting in Oil & Gas in production fields, refineries, petrochemical plants, and energy distribution networks.


Applications are targeted at the loading of refinery fuels or chemical products into railcars, trucks, barges, pipelines but also offer functionality for the general industries, where product tracing and tracking are required.

Unique Features of AML-AMADAS

  • – AML Information Management is the core business with high expertise in this subject
  • – Remote accessibility (web-based/ .NET)
  • – Our software is no legacy anymore
  • – No client software installation required
  • – Scalability (5-20.000 analyzers)
  • – No Licenses fee (no limitation tags)
  • – Users can configure the system by themselves
  • – Yearly visit, free installation updates, new functionalities, and training on the job
  • – Life Cycle Cost
  • – Process & Laboratory analyzer integration
  • – Integration with other systems (independent)
  • – Strong & flexible reporting tools
  • – The solution can also be used for metering and safety-related equipment.

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Get Quantified Results with AML Information Management

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Saving of production losses by identify bad actors in an early stage

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Less time by remote monitoring of your assets

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Reduction of unscheduled downtime

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Less maintenance time ( improving the asset reliability)

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