Ambient Air Quality and management System

What is Ambient Air Quality and Management Systems (AML-AQMS)

AML-AQMS is a software-based solution to observe metrological parameters such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, and pressure, as well as the concentration of pollutants, for example, CO, CO2, NO, SO2, NH3, O2, O3, NO2, PH3, H2S, CH4, PM, around the city, region or industrial facility, for air quality control and development of measures directed to reduce pollution.

Our cloud-based web solutions, AML-AQMS, collect and process air quality data and meteorological parameters. Store it at the central server location, and provide a range of analytical and reporting tools for managers and authorities.


Enable Improvement With AML-AQMS

Ease of Use

Reduce the number of time operators spend using the system and get their work done quickly and effectively.


Eliminate single points of failure with a distributed architecture.

Improve maintenance

Reduce costly repairs by detecting problems through calibration control, tracking, and reporting.


Transmitting all the analog and digital channels over the TCP/IP network significantly increases scalability and expandability.

Meet regulations

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and fines by using AML-AQMS, support for various worldwide regulations.

Remote Access and Monitoring

A standardized way to connect people, processes, and technology with a consistent interface.

As environmental regulations become more stringent, companies and municipalities are facing immense investment and development challenges.

Unique Features of AML-AQMS

  • – Collection of data from a wide range of air quality monitors and meteorological sensors 
  • – Frequency of data acquisition – 1,5,10,30,60 second(s)
  • – Averaging data over user selectable time period – 1,10,15,20,30,60 minute(s)
  • – Rolling and running average and total values 
  • – Collection of/and reporting of analyzer status information
  • – Data validation and calibration, track zero and span levels, verify against allowable limits, alarm, and communicate to the central or control system location
  • – Calibration sequence control, automatic calibration correction via digital relay I/O, calibrators, or direct analyzer command
  • – Calculations for math and meteorological statistics
  • – Data reports – daily, weekly, monthly
  • – Event reports – listing of events over a selected period
  • – Histogram and frequency distribution reports – weekly, monthly and annual periods.
  • – Monthly matrix summary by the hour and by day
  • – Wind speed and direction summary report 
  • – Calibration reports, last calibration, device calibration, individual pollutant drift check results
  • – Plots – instantaneous and average graphs of sample values, the correlation between parameters against time 
  • – Wind polar plot – joined wind direction with average or percent wind speed or pollution per each direction. 
  • – The wind rose plot -joined wind speed, wind direction relative frequency 
  • – System audit and change report
  • – Remote Access to make configuration changes, viewing current measurements and calibration data and parameters
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System AQMS

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