AML Emission Monitoring

Real-time environmental monitoring to avoid fines and penalties

What is AML Emission Monitoring?

AML Emission Monitoring is data analysis, handling, and reporting software designed to meet various industrial process monitoring requirements.

AML Emission Monitoring features flexible, modular architecture designed by industry Subject Matter Experts that can be configured for various environmental, engineering, and manufacturing applications. The software can be used standalone or as a part of an AML-CEMDAS, AML-PEMS, and AML-AQMS packaged solution.

Enable Improvement With AML-Emission Monitoring


AML- CEMDAS can meet worldwide environmental regulations such as US EPA 40, CFR 60/63/75, Canadian EPS 1/PG/7, Alberta CEMS code, European EN-17255, EN-14181, Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU, KSA RCER, and PME.


Features a Statistical Hybrid PEMS Model based on process and sample CEMS data to accurately estimate future emissions from several types of stationary sources, such as Natural Gas Turbines, Gas Compressors, Boiler Stacks, and more.


Includes a cloud-based web solution that can collect data from multiple stations using Cellular and Network connectivity. The dashboard is customized and provides meteorology tools, such as windrose, wind speed, direction charts, and reporting.

As environmental regulations become more stringent, companies and municipalities are facing immense investment and development challenges

Unique Features of AML Emission Monitoring

  • – Interface to data loggers and data historians to obtain instantaneous data 
  • – Calculations and data reduction, such as block, rolling, weighted, averages, and totals 
  • – Normalization to standard and reference conditions, such as pressure, moisture, temperature, and oxygen corrections 
  • – Rule-based data validation, exclusion of invalid data from calculated averages and totals
  • – Determination of operating time and data availability
  • – Limit value exceedance tracking
  • – Automatic and manual data substitution using reference, calculated, and user-defined values
  • – Bias value and calibration function adjustments
  • – Alarming, preventative maintenance and hardware diagnostics capabilities 
continuous emission monitoring systems

Unique Features of AML Emission Monitoring

  • – Monitoring and handling of over-range values 
  • – Calculation of projected averages and totals 
  • – Data classification and value frequency distribution reporting 
  • – Compliance reporting 
  • – Electronic Data Reporting and automatic submission 
  • – Export to PDF, Word, and Excel 

  • Cyber security with multi-level user access control 

  • – Electronic operator logbook and system audit log capabilities 

  • – Customizable multilingual user interface layout 

  • – Multi-source and multi-facility support 

  • – Manual and automatic system backup and restore capabilities 

  • – Client-Server architecture with support for concurrent remote client connections 

  • – Customizable Interactive Process and Mimic Diagrams 

Get Quantified Results with AML-Emission Monitoring

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