How to manage your analyzers in the (Petro) Chemical industry?


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On-line analyzer systems are widely used in the Oil & Gas and (Petro) Chemical industry. They range from single component analyzers like pH analyzers to multi-component analyzers like gas chromatography and mass-spectrometers, from wet chemistry types to optical devices.

An online process analyzer is generally a complex system compared with other, more general-purpose types of process instrumentation. It often needs an additional sample preparation and disposal system, which might be difficult in its own right. Hence, system design often results in a measurement system that is less stable than traditional process instruments, thus needing more maintenance attention from better than average qualified maintenance staff.

Sections of the Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, the following topics are discussed:

  1. Methodology
  2. Intervention Control
  3. Cost of Validation
  4. Interpratation of Performance and Performance Indicators
  5. System Design Aspects
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More efficient & safer processes, greater plant availability, asset & resource flexibility and reduced emissions– in the (Petro) Chemical industry, only one thing counts competitiveness over the entire lifecycle. 

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(Petro) Chemical industry trends

  • Increase number of sensors
  • The decreasing number of Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Digital Twin
  • Silo-ed integration with interoperability and Cyber Security
  • Sensor validation, verification and calibration is changing from manual to automatic
  • Diagnostic information becomes more important
  • Soft Sensors
  • Intelligent (Smart) Systems
  • Emission reporting


  • Increase operational efficiency of existing plants
  • Optimize execution of new projects
  • Maintain assets and infrastructure in a cost-effective way
  • Increase plant reliability (up-time) + product specifications (no outlier)
  • Improve Production Forecast confidence
  • Adhere and comply with existing & future regulations
  • Maintain & Improve Safety Record
  • Reduce emissions 


  • Improve timeliness of data for better planning, optimization
  • Get more value out of existing data; re-use & avoid duplicates
  • Provide proven solutions & expertise especially to small/medium size companies.
  • Implement the ‘right degree’ of digital transformation
  • Form strategic alliances with major global players
  • Stimulate, facilitate and join forces in shared Technology projects

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