Advances as Hint-Ambrit Alliance Takes Shape in the U.S.A. – Flow Measurement

Two prominent companies involved in the science of flow measurement -Hint and Ambrit, Ltd.- have entered into a collaborative relationship to jointly explore business and technology opportunities. This alliance will begin in the United States and ultimately go global as the parties discover new synergies and tackle challenging projects while providing more excellent value to their customers.

Wout Last, founder and owner of Hint, and Barry Webb, founder, and owner of Ambrit, who are considered architects in metering, are also the architects of this emerging deal. The output of recent planning discussions in Houston produced a blueprint supporting today’s market needs for end-to-end metering solutions from the oilfield to the boardroom. Their shared vision is to take flow measurement effectively and economically to the next level by combining both entities’ deep consultancy know-how and proven technical expertise, including some of the most advanced measurement software tools available.

At the onset, midstream oil and gas will be the primary target industry for the type of specialized metering services to be provided, i.e., focusing on data acquisition from custody transfer flow measurement systems and the management and validation of that data. This will be accomplished via Ambrit’s Metrology™ suite of metering applications, which helps operators manage all aspects of the measurement process, starting with the flow computer to the accounting office. A total of nine modules enable operators to oversee assets ensure system calibrations, audit meter readings, and more, while also improving data traceability and accuracy. It’s easy to see how this technology fits nicely with HINT’s well-known AML-AMADAS (analyzer management and data acquisition system) that monitors, evaluates, and improves the performance of analyzers cost-effectively.

One of the most exciting offerings is the real-time, small gathering of high-resolution measurement data from faraway well site locations (more and more common these days), even where bandwidth communication is limited. The new technology offers clear benefits for customers’ bottom line, such as shorter invoicing time (which can take as long as 3-4 months with existing systems), fewer entanglements in costly disputes, and workforce savings as the traditional, labor-intensive requirement to travel and manually access data is reduced.

Although the current model may seem very specific to oil and gas pipeline measurements, it can optimize data collection processes anywhere meters need to be read. This is just the first step in what promises to be a series of joint business developments slated to unfold in the coming months and years, as Hint-Ambrit brings to market their cutting-edge technology solutions designed to meet industry challenges, now and in the future.


HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The expertise of their specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end-users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement. With early beginnings in The Netherlands, they now have partner companies in several Middle East countries, Russia and Nigeria, and an active presence and participation in Government-sponsored trade missions, such as Vietnam and Brazil. The recently expanded team in Houston, Texas, aims to make more accurate measurements a reality for the oil and gas, petrochemical, and potentially medical industries.

Ambrit is a leading provider of software solutions for the oil and gas industry, combining a wealth of expertise in the hydrocarbon industry with over 20 years of developing innovative software technologies. Ambrit solutions remove the time delays, risk, and high costs associated with traditional custom software and can be deployed as standalone products or combined to create unique integrated solutions. With offices in the UK and US and a network of partners worldwide, Ambrit is ideally positioned to serve the needs of the global hydrocarbon measurement industry.