Hint and UTSI – Partnering for succes in a Digital World

Two companies with a shared vision of delivering advanced digital technology solutions, primarily for the Energy sector, Hint and UTSI International Corporation (UTSI) have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership destined to bring success to each other and their customers globally. As an example of the synergy that exists between the companies, each worked independently (and unbeknownst to the other) for one of the world’s largest petrochemical plants, showing they are on the same playing field concerning high levels of expertise and vast experience to be chosen for such a project.

As partners, there will be even more enhanced services and multiplied capabilities, far greater than either entity could offer on its own. And what better time to join forces, as the oil and gas industry is now realizing its longstanding plans to implement digitalized systems that will help manage the huge amounts of data collected every day from diverse repositories and multiple assets. This data needs to be viewed holistically for optimal decision-making, not only gathered but also validated for accuracy or proof of transfer (i.e., evidence that sensors are working within established limits!). That is something Hint has been doing for years with its specialized AMADAS analyzer management software, developed by engineers who previously worked hands-on in the oil field metering/measurement arena.

While Hint evolved from engineering consulting to software development to actively installing and integrating systems, and in the process, breaking down silos as well as forming strong vendor relationships; UTSI’s strength lies in engineering and consulting related to industrial control system technologies, leveraging the use of new emerging technologies, such as machine learning, data analytics, etc. Hint brings a European perspective, and UTSI has more of a U.S. background, resulting in the best of both worlds with a broad market understanding. This combination will provide value to customers anywhere who are looking for solutions that leverage the latest tools, technologies, and knowledge, especially related to digital transformation in today’s technological environment. A major goal is to integrate business-critical information and integrate process workflows to eliminate data duplication; thus, streamlining oilfield and plant operations.

Still, it’s not enough to improve field data integrity, safety, and value. We also recognize that along with the implementation of new technology comes a need for acceptance by end-users. This calls for enterprise-wide change management, taking into account the behavior of people who will use the new technologies in their jobs. You can rest assured our team will be there to help smooth that process with training and technical support at any level needed.

Overall, both companies share a common set of core philosophies that include operating in a customer-centric manner. Regardless of which partner provides the essential service, it will continue to be delivered within a work environment of close communication and collaboration between technical teams—on all sides of the vendor/client equation—to fulfill the unique needs of any given application.

So, as we say goodbye to the days of cutting and pasting data and still wondering if it’s correct, Hint-UTSI is ready to successfully lead our customers into the digital future.

Daniel Nagala, President/CEO, UTSI

Wout Last, President, Hint