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No industries face the same scrutiny as health and pharmaceutical companies. This is only natural as products and services provided by them are a matter of life and death: sometimes for one patient, sometimes for millions of people, like with Covid-19. Helping health and pharmaceutical organizations work with the best possible information is a source of personal pride for us. Our experts are here to support you to dramatically improve your processes and output. 

Health & Pharmaceutical challenges


Complying with regulations is a must. We support your needs for data management, traceability, reliability and continuous improvement, with proven technology.

Data Management

Digitize historically paper-driven processes and records, moving them to a cloud solution. Boost performance, increase data integrity, reduce costs, and provide a foundation for IoT continuous improvement.


Move faster. Streamline end-to-end operations, ensure the quality of your product and drive production up.

Monitor and improve

By monitoring your assets and production lines the industry can shift from reactive-based maintenance practices to predictive maintenance practices. Improving the quality of the data is key.

Cyber Security

The spread of poorly secured Internet of Things devices increases the attack surface of organizations. We can assist in building a more effective defense, reducing the time between the detection of an attack and its containment.

Forecasting & Capacity

In modern medicine anticipating demand and balancing it with supply is more and more important. Our software forecasts demand, trends, and automatically engages suppliers and collaborative partners.

What can Hint do for you?

We help Health & Pharmaceutical companies and organizations with independent consulting & software tools to manage their facilities more efficiently & safer. Our mission is to help you avoid wasting time and money and get the right quality information in your hands.

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Our Services

We transfer data into facts for our clients to boost productivity, mitigate risk, reduce emissions & waste, and spark growth.

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