Hint awarded a global contract from one of the top 3 Fortune 500 energy companies

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A Fortune 500 energy company with globally more than two hundred plants, needed more insight in the processes of their plants. With that insight, the company wants to increase the reliability of their systems and reduce maintenance costs. Hint explained to the company in a demonstration that through gradually expanding the analysis and models of their equipment, the company could automize parts of their maintenance routine and create indications of incoming failures. By building it up gradually, previous experiences can be collected as lessons learned and used to spot the problem before it happens again, as well as use these lessons from a single piece of equipment and apply these to all the other equipment that shares functionality.


Balancing safety and efficiency

Before COVID-19, cyber security was always chosen over availability and efficiency. Because of the lockdowns throughout the world, something had to change to be able to continue the production of the plants. Information had to become available outside of the plant networks to provide employees the opportunity to contribute while not being at the plants. By moving the information from the plant level to the Azure cloud environment, there is a reduced need to be onsite.  Therefore, a smaller group of people can service the equipment while the others can investigate problems, check key performance indicators, or adjust maintenance schedules.

The conclusion of the conversation Hint had with his client was that there is a need for an application that provides more insight remotely in their equipment, but also integrates functionality like events, alarms, key performance indicators, statistical process control, inventory management, automated maintenance schedules, flexible reporting, simple user interface, and advanced diagnostics. Next to that the application needs to be able to integrate with systems like PI, SAP, and Maximo to provide a single location that offers all the information needed to execute the work.

The scope

The solution for this project comprises the delivery and implementation of a cloud Azure AML Information Management System, with a mobile application, and the configuration of X number of analyzers.

The solution

AML Information Management System (hereafter called AML) is the Hint implementation of AMADAS. AML is a toolbox developed for technicians, engineers, operators, and managers who can monitor, evaluate, and improve the performance of on- and offline analyzers in a cost-effective manner. It collects data from analyzer systems through PI, interpretates analyzer performance, and provides guidance for maintenance decisions. AML consists of a centralized application and database with a web and mobile interface. The application does not have any restriction to the number of users or IO points.

Asset information management


Hint has run a pilot for the last 12 months to test X number of analyzers on one location. This pilot was executed successfully, and the company was impressed with the results. In the coming months, Hint will focus on kicking off the project with the configuration of the implementation of 100+ analyzers of the first plant.


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