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Taking risk-management and accountability to the next level

Modern governance faces increased accountability and risk-management challenges. This is only logical as citizens’ expectations and legislator demands have risen sharply in the past decades. All participants of society have upped their game and governments and policymakers must follow, but should preferably lead. Our software provides government agencies and their staff with the tools to take their performance to the next level.

Challenges for public services today

Governance & standards

Complying with regulations is a must for any agency. We support your need for data management, traceability, reliability and continuous improvement, with proven technology.


Supervision of companies and your own government agencies about safety, emissions and taxation is a key performance issue. Our software helps to turn data into actionable information.


Especially in these times, climate issues and CO2 emissions are sensitive topics. But governments cannot delay responding to this challenge. With our software, you can keep up with innovation and especially push and monitor energy transition efforts.


Move at a faster pace. Streamline end-to-end operations, ensure the quality of your services and improve the client experience.

Cyber Security

The spread of poorly secured Internet of Things devices increases the attack surface of organizations. We can assist in building a more effective defense, reducing the time between the detection of an attack and its containment.

Forecasting & Capacity

Public services and utilities, be it waste removal, the power grid, or gas supply need to anticipate demand and balance it with supply. Our software forecasts demand, trends, and automatically engages suppliers.

What can Hint do for you?

We help government agencies with independent consulting, like audits & inspections, and software tools to manage their facilities more efficiently & safer. 

Our Services

We transfer data into facts for our clients to boost productivity, mitigate risk, reduce emissions & waste, and spark growth.

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