Extend Asset Lifetime

Improve plant productivity through better asset performance and risk reduction

Asset information management

Extend Asset Lifetime

Extending the lifetime of the assets is a growing problem around the world is a concern of many operators. For example: 42% of all offshore facilities worldwide are over 15 years old. So it is very crucial to proactively manage the process safety, reliability and performance of an asset once it is operational.

Many companies are striving to reduce operational costs and extend the life of aging assets. This is critical for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Evaluating and decreasing TCO is becoming more important as industries mature and look to increase profits by reducing costs. Conducting life cycle cost analysis, increasing asset life extension, and streamlining maintenance are important tools.


Organizations must plan and implement measures, like AML information management, to maintain and monitor aging equipment to preserve cost benefits while reducing potential risks.  So they can control their Total Cost of Ownership better. 

Checklist - Asset Life Extension

Ways we can help to extend the lifetime and better results

To get better insights it is important to watch to the current conditions from your assets and contextualize these assets into the best situation overview. This means that the assets condition needs to be viewed in the light of the project and business targets.  Unexpected maintenance of your failed assets, would that be detrimental to safe and continued operations? Our Subject Matter Experts combine all key assets to provide real-time data to remote monitor, maintain, determine and improve the performance of your assets, like process analyzers. Our team helps you to go from problem-solving to preventing errors. This results in a more profitable, safer and sustainable environment for the organization and its employees. 

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