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Digitalizing the Energy & Renewable industries

Maximizing plant availablility, safety, reliability and efficiency of operations & maintenance are the key challenges for today’s Energy & Renewable industry. Close and accurate real-time monitoring of key processes parameters are critical.

Energy & Renewable industry trends

  • Increase number of sensors
  • Decreasing number of Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Digital Twin
  • Silo-ed integration with interoperability and Cyber Security
  • Sensor validation, verification and calibration is changing from manual to automatic
  • Diagnostic information becomes more important
  • Soft Sensors
  • Intelligent (Smart) Systems

Overcoming Energy & Renewable industry challenges

We use digital to help our clients boost productivity, mitigate risk, reduce waste, and spark growth.

Operational Risk

With growing complexity in regulations Energy & Renewable operators must invest more in health, safety, and compliance technology to manage operational risk.

Asset Reliability

Many critical assets are over 25 years old in the Energy & Renewable industry. A significant percentage are still using reactive maintenance practices and are unable to detect errors on time.

Insight into Asset and Operational data

Energy & Renewable operators are challenged with low visibility into asset or operations performance on both the plant and enterprise level.

Market Demand

Current market conditions and shifting feedstock prices, Energy & Renewable operators are often challenged with decentralized production, putting added pressure on operating costs and production flexibility.

Knowledge Management

Around the 70% of experienced employees will retire in the next 10 years.

Reporting & Compliance evidence

Increasing requirements for (environmental) reporting and compliance evidence

What can Hint do for you?

We help companies in the Energy & Renewable industry with independent consulting and software tools to manage their facilities more efficiently. Over the past 28 years we have noticed that technicians, engineers, operators and managers are struggling to install, configure, maintain and monitor online equipment. Our mission is to help you avoid wasting time and money and get the right quality information in your hands.


  • Increase operational efficiency of existing plants
  • Optimize execution of new projects
  • Maintain assets and infrastructure in a cost-effective manner
  • Increase plant reliability (up-time) + product specifications (no outlier)
  • Improve Production Forecast confidence
  • Adhere and comply with existing & future regulations
  • Maintain & Improve Safety Record
  • Reduce emissions 


  • Improve timeliness of data for better planning, optimization
  • Get more value out of existing data; re-use & avoid duplicates
  • Provide proven solutions & expertise especially to small / medium size companies.
  • Implement the ‘right degree’ of digital transformation
  • Form strategic alliances with major global players
  • Stimulate, facilitate and join forces in shared Technology projects

Our Services

We transfer data into facts for our clients to boost productivity, mitigate risk, reduce emissions & waste, and spark growth.

AML is a real-time toolbox for technicians, engineers, operators and managers to automate and optimize the workflows, improve trust in devices and save maintenance costs through data driven decision making. Clients can configurate the software themselves. The software will never become legacy anymore, because we update the software on a daily base.​

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