AML-Mobile takes to the field

Are your maintenance technicians still heading out into the field with notebook and pencil in hand? Does staff then have to transcribe their often messy, hard-to-read notes into an office-based system? Chances are the information is incomplete, lacks context or history, and is not very useful after all. It’s time to leverage “mobile” digital technology for a more efficient, real-time solution that optimizes equipment health during site visits.

Designed for the Field

HINT recognized the need for a mobile app to electronically collect, analyze, and diagnose measurement data—right where the problem is occurring. With AML Mobile, a portable version of the proven AML Information Management System, you can throw away those cumbersome notebooks and pencils forever! The mobile app enables one-time data entry into a handheld electronic device (cell phone or tablet) on-the-go as a site visit is in progress. It also provides access to the maintenance history of a given piece of equipment for better decision-making and corrective action.

AML Mobile Benefits & Features

The AML Mobile app is specially designed to support your industrial site visit requirements, offering the following main benefits:

  • – Direct access to equipment history (not only current condition)
  • – Aid to diagnosis and troubleshooting (no need to get data from the office or do without)
  • – Addition of activities performed on location
  • – Real-time, single data entry
  • – An end to manual note-taking

Further technology-driven business value is provided by the following features:

Just-in-time status information

Consider a planned work order that has five visual inspections scheduled for the day. Normally, the inspector can complete all five areas in that time. However, what if areas 1—4 do not have any problems, but suddenly area number 5 requires additional work? This immediately kicks into overtime, as the problem cannot wait to be resolved. With AML Mobile’s “just-in-in-time” status capability, you can prioritize work and service the area that needs extra attention before performing other inspections. This allows for timely problem-solving and pushing non-critical work to the next day. Thus, preventing over time while still keeping the plant running.

Reduced human error

Manual input is a significant source of human error. With AML Mobile, data can be entered directly at the equipment location via automated means (if communication is possible).

Smart sync up

There’s no need to worry about syncing your data with the main AML information management system back at the office. AML Mobile has all the real-time synchronization options you need—Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi.

Data storage

Storing data locally on a mobile phone/tablet enables the AML Mobile app to work even while not connected to the network (i.e. working in remote locations where digital communications infrastructure may not exist). Your company’s system administrator can configure how long data stays in the “offline” mode to ensure manually captured information is secure until you reconnect.

Updates and support

If you need any help transitioning to AML Mobile, just contact a HINT representative. As we continue to improve our software platform, new updates of AML Mobile will be downloadable through Apple and Google app stores, respectively.

Familiar Functions

The best part is…you don’t have to learn a whole new user interface. That means no tutorial or special training is required to get up to speed. AML Mobile’s functionality is basically the same as the AML desktop application, just streamlined for what’s needed in the field—e.g. view process KPIs, past maintenance, event/alarm details, validation, and diagnostics, as well as create new tasks.

AML Mobile

Getting Started

All you need to get started is a cell phone/tablet and the new mobile version of our AML Information Management System. This app is available to HINT customers as part of the AML package (at no extra charge) or potentially downloadable from your company’s app store. And for full protection of your mobile device, you can always add a completely sealed, plastic touch bag for a clear data display that is safe from environmental elements (dirt and grime, hazardous weather, oil spills, etc.).


AML Mobile has already been successfully implemented by maintenance teams making site visits to oil and gas fields. It is also applicable to any/all industrial sites, no matter how remote, where equipment must be maintained to ensure reliability and maximize uptime.

Contact a HINT representative to discuss how AML Mobile can help you move forward on your digital journey.