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Letting the Data Dictate Your Decisions

Algorithms determine so much of what happens to us. Our email accounts and social media feeds are dominated by messages sent from companies who use algorithms to determine that their messages matter to us.

There is a natural and honest concern among human beings that we are all being dehumanized. All of those movies and fiction novels about the takeover of humanity by artificial intelligence no longer seem fantastical; they seem predictive.

But, the fact of the matter is that data delivers. It would be not very smart to allow others in your industry to succeed simply because they employ the data that provides the information needed to be both profitable and efficient.

Our open platform AML Information Management is a cloud-based software toolbox that provides the data to configure, monitor, operate, and maintain your online equipment remotely.

Eliminating variables

In your position as operator or manager of a company or facility, you are required to make decisions all day long. Decisions are needed because there are variables in your processes and functions. If there were no variables, there would be no decisions needed. 
But, many of the decisions you need to make in the operation of your company or facility are data-driven. Whether your considerations are measurement, allocation, operating excellence, or maintenance, there is information output that can eliminate variables and point you to beneficial decisions. Still, you must employ that information output correctly. You are aware that there is data relative to your area of operation, and you may even have the data presented to you by an IT professional within your firm. But the information does not benefit you if it is not translated correctly.

Proper data retrieval

The hallowed computer warning “garbage in, garbage out” remains vital to proper data retrieval and eventually correct data-driven decisions. You must have a clear objective regarding the information you want to retrieve from your online equipment, and you must also have a specific reason for collecting data.  This is imperative. You can ask your software system to collect terabytes or petabytes of data, but if that data is pointless to your management needs, gathering that information is useless and a waste of both time and money. Know what it is you want your software system to tell you.

Proper data analysis

We are well past the day of reams of spreadsheets showing figures and charts and graphs and endless amounts of information to be analyzed. A proper software system given specific commands regarding information retrieval will be able to complete the analysis before the data is delivered to you. Then, it is your job to put the data analysis into action, and you can do so confident that the information you received is relevant to your operations.

Understanding AML Information Management

Hint is a consulting and software systems integration company. Our proprietary AML Information Management is designed to collect and deliver data that managers, engineers, and operators can make critical decisions with relative ease. The data provided is collected and organized in the way you designate so that your priorities are reflected in the data. 

The use of AML Information Management removes any concerns you might have about the decisions you need to make because you are operating with the knowledge that the data is focused on your company’s predetermined priorities.

Our experience is in the data required within the petrochemical and renewable energy industries. Our system can also be utilized by government and healthcare institutions. We do not spray to all fields; we concentrate on the areas specified to be more knowledgeable about the data environment in those areas than any other software platform service.

We encourage technicians, engineers, operators, or managers whose desk is where the buck stops to contact us to discuss how AML Information Management is unique in the industry and can be operated within your specific facility or enterprise. We focus on cost-effectiveness, delivering a software toolbox that allows you to operate or manage your system flawlessly.