Key elements for a successful maintenance program

Currently, companies are losing a lot of profit due to unplanned downtime. A report from Aberdeen Group from 2017 indicates that there is a loss of 50 billion dollars annually only in the manufacturing industry. A lot of companies continue to struggle to benchmark maintenance performance and implement effective maintenance programs that enable measurable improvements. […]

New functionalities AML for LNG custody transfer measurement

Petrochemical industry

Hint’s AML is a toolbox for technicians, engineers, operators, and managers to automate and optimize the workflows, improve trust in devices and save maintenance costs through data-driven decision making. Every client and project is different. Therefore, our goal is to meet all customer requirements. So we designed a ‘standard’ software tool with the possibility to […]

Data is the new oil: reducing costs with predictive maintenance

Boost availability and reduce maintenance costs with field instrumentation data The oil & gas industry operates in tough environments with challenging KPIs and costly maintenance when things go wrong. Plant managers and engineers facing increasing complexity in their systems and constant pressure to reduce operating costs, improve reliability (uptime) and increase process efficiency. You need […]

Sensor Data Quality – Better Efficiency in Maintenance

The method of how sensors are being monitored is changing within the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. The number of sensors is increasing while the number of subject matter experts (SME) is decreasing. To tackle this phenomenon the industry needs to become more efficient. The way sensors are being analyzed is moving from sensor […]

Energy Transition goals are not simple to meet

Renewable energy

The Energy transition is inevitable. The emissions of greenhouse gases keep on rising, even though the effects of global warming are evident and the Paris agreement urged to reduce the emissions. If we, which means everybody, do not contribute to the reduction, already in the short term, environmental problems will be severe. It is important […]

Real-time unit cost visualization, improvement & optimization

Introduction It is difficult to argue with the notion that knowing your unit cost is essential for running a successful and profitable business. This is particularly critical for the businesses that operate large-scale industrial processes where volumes are high and even a slight change in the unit cost might have a significant impact on their […]

Hint and UTSI – Partnering for succes in a Digital World

Two companies with a shared vision of delivering advanced digital technology solutions, primarily for the Energy sector, Hint and UTSI International Corporation (UTSI) have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership destined to bring success to each other and their customers globally. As an example of the synergy that exists between the companies, each worked independently (and […]

How we do make LNG measurements more accurate and reliable?

The industry loses millions of dollars daily, but yet have to realize it. Recently, I had the privilege to speak at The European Flow Measurement Workshop. More than 200 participants from various countries around the world met in Noordwijk to discuss the measurement of flows, with a focus on the oil and gas industry. One […]