Improve asset reliability

Improve plant productivity through better asset performance and risk reduction

Improve asset reliability​

Reliability of your assets

Reliability of your assets is a hot topic in industrial automation right now. It also has a direct impact on your financial performance. Unplanned downtime and maintenance are big cost factors in asset reliability. On average, up to 5% of production is lost every year to unscheduled downtime. 

Production and Operations expect that all assets perform reliably and with confidence to continue to perform flawlessly. Maintenance and inspection interventions to precent failures are unwanted necessities. Repairs are even more disruptive but Production and Operations understand the importance of maintenance and inspection. They are also the reason why assets fail.

With our experience we know how to improve the reliability. We achieve improvements by combine technology to monitor and predict critical asset health. Our Subject Matter Experts also involve and inform Operations on how they can and must contribute to avoid unscheduled downtime by consultancy. 

Learn why you're not getting the efficiency from your assets you deserve

Why is the reliability of your assets important?

Asset availability and reliability will be increased

Extend asset lifetime

More insights in potential unplanned downtime due planned maintenance interventions

A significant decrease in overall maintenance costs (OPEX and CAPEX)

Better system means safer people and assets ​

Ways how we can improve the reliability of your assets

Do you have access to a large amount of maintenance data within your assets, but always struggle  to turn this data into useful operational intelligence? 

Proactive and preventive maintenance strategies can help you avoid costly downtimes. Our Subject Matter Experts on reliability can help you determine what assets are most critical to your operations and optimize the whole process.

If unplanned downtime occurs, it is important that the whole team is prepared by knowing the cause and effect of equipment failures within the lifecycle. In that way, the team can reduce time by being well prepared and knows exactly what to do. Unplanned downtime generally costs a lot of money and by reducing the time saves millions of dollars on an annual basis.

Improve asset reliability​