Asset Integrity & Maintenance

Better systems means safer people and assets

Maintaining integrity through better software and processes

Ensuring the integrity of your energy assets requires a truly systems-level approach that accounts for everything from the design of new facilities to maintenance management to decommissioning to auditing and inspections. By taking a more strategic and holistic approach, asset integrity systems – which include both software and processes – can be designed to improve plant reliability and safety while reducing costs.

Checklist - Asset Life Extension

When do you need Asset Integrity & Maintenance?

Risk-based inspection

Optimize metering accuracy

Identifying damage conditions

Assure asset's life cycle

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Wellbeing of all personal

Better system means safer people and assets ​

Ways we can help​

  • Asset integrity assessment and consulting
  • Asset integrity design
  • Asset integrity management systems deployment

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