AMADAS: Analyzer Management & Data Acquisition System

Predictive analytics gives early warning of equipment issues up to months before failure

AMADAS: Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition Systems

AMADAS, Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition Systems are meant to monitor, maintain, determine, and improve equipment performance, like process analyzers. In today’s world of Web-based applications being used by more and more companies to manage business-critical information in real-time, but why not measurement data? It is now possible to collect data from different types of measurement systems and hardware (e.g., process analyzers, flow meters, and logging equipment) in the field through an efficient software interface that not only stores the data in one convenient place but also performs the required calculations and makes it available from mobile devices—anywhere, anytime.

AMADAS allows to get the most out of the measurement data, from discrete data points to relevant project information to knowledge that can be leveraged to make well-informed decisions and judgements call. Wheter it is an oil and gas asset, LNG or Petrochemical plant, or even a medical facility, this data can be put to good use daily to improve project outcomes, rather than sit idly on the self until a legal incident occurs (which is too often the case). 


Measure right with AMADAS

There is a much more effective and cost-efficient way to measure right, and that solution is simply the installation of AMADAS (Analyzer Management and Data Acquisition System). HINT has developed the most flexible measurement software that is hardware-independent and operating system-independent and can be dynamically customized to fit your exact needs.

AML-AMADAS gathers the measurement data directly from various field instruments (PLA SCADA, DCS systems, etc.), which flows through our secure network for storage and diagnostic detection/analytics. This “smart” system with built-in intelligence also provides automated online data validation, a traceability chain, and calibration with international standards to meet the challenge of uncertainty in making data judgments. 

Operators can now trust the data results as they easily view analyzer performance on the screen to ensure it is within acceptable limits. AML-AMADAS makes use of the industry’s best practices by implementing the ASTM Standards, like:

  1. ASTM D3764 Standards for System Validation
  2. ASTM D6299 Standards for SQC evaluation.

Most common challenges with process analyzers:

  • – Compliance
  • – No confidence in analyzer readings
  • – Root causes of unplanned downtimes are not analyzed
  • – Human errors derived from manual coordination
  • – Communication between maintenance and operations
  • – Low availability rate of analyzers
  • – Invisible analyzer performance
  • – An increasing number of sensors
  • – A decreasing number of specialists (Subject Matter Experts) 

Benefits of AMADAS Software

Real-time data acquisition

Automatically collects real-time measured data and fault alarms from the analyzer, minimizing manual data handling. Providing the transparency of analyzer performance can improve the operator's confidence.

Maintenance efficiency

Proactive maintenance, reduction of unnecessary checking, identifying good practices and bad actors, analyzer performance analysis, statical analysis of validation results, documentation of analyzer maintenance and validation activities, automatic data collection, and data interpretation.

Improvement of analyzer performance

Interpret and display analyzer KPI's such as availability and problem frequency rates to improve analyzer performance. Customizable interface for all type of analyzers to perform validity checks and maintenance.

Statistical Quality Control (SQC) Charts

Automatic statistical analysis of the analyzer data and plot the collected validity results and lab comparison on SQC charts.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Organizations must plan and implement online measurements to maintain and monitor aging equipment to preserve cost benefits while reducing potential risks, which results in a lower TCO.

Faster time-to-value

A standardized way to connect people, processes, and technology with a simplified interface. Drill down navigation from plant overview to analyzer overview in a few clicks.

Unique Features of AML-AMADAS

  • – AML Information Management is the core business with high expertise in this subject
  • – Remote accessibility (web-based/ .NET)
  • – Our software is no legacy anymore
  • – No client software installation required
  • – Scalability (5-20.000 analyzers)
  • – No Licenses fee (no limitation tags)
  • – Users can configure the system by themselves
  • – Yearly visit, free installation updates, new functionalities, and training on the job
  • – Life Cycle Cost
  • – Process & Laboratory analyzer integration
  • – Integration with other systems (independent)
  • – Strong & flexible reporting tools
  • – The solution can also be used for metering and safety-related equipment.

At which level can AMADAS be installed?

Most AMADAS software applications will be installed on level 2 next to the DCS or data historian. Hint’s AML-AMADAS, can be installed on every level in the plant from 2 to level 4. In that way, managers and operators can compare the analyzer data from plant A and plant B with each other. The benefit is that you will have a holistic view of your maintenance and operations. Also, engineers and technicians don’t need to go to the field to get all the information from the AMADAS systems. By installing AMADAS on level 3 or 4, technicians have access to all the analyzer data in the office or on their mobile everywhere, anywhere

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