About us

We believe in continuous improvement by using the power of Data

Connecting people, processes and technology around the globe

We believe in a world where companies which integrate Information and Operational Technology are most successful. They will thrive as they operate their assets most safely, efficiently, predictably and, above all, sustainably.

Hint is all about Awareness Decisions Results

Why Hint?

We believe that we can help Managers, Operators, Engineers and Technicians with independent consulting and software tools to execute their work more efficiently. Over the past 28+ years we have noticed that Managers, Operators, Engineers and Technicians are struggling to install, configure, maintain and monitor online equipment, wasting time and money to get the right quality data out of it.

What we do

Hint is providing independent Consulting services and AML software solutions to improve the efficiency for plant owners in the Energy & Renewable, Petrochemical, Health & Pharma and Government Industry. Our services & solutions are focused on Measurement & Allocation, Operation Excellence, Asset Integrity & Maintenance and Software Development & Data management.

How we do it

We are subject matter experts (SME) with end-user knowhow and experience in specifying, designing and implementing the most efficient services and software solutions.

Elevated Awareness

About people, processes & technology

leads to

Better Decisions

Improving the reliability of equipment and systems in operation & maintenance

that leads to

Improved Results

Higher returns, better products, healthier people and a safer & sustainable environment.

Our Team


Wolter Last

President / CEO

Ana Cuellar

Project Manager

Wilfred Brink

Product Owner


Sarah Bijsterbosch

Management Assistent


Hans van Maanen

Head of Measurement and Data Quality


Arend Herwijn

Metrology Consultant


Bernd Rademacher

IM/IT Consultant

Hans Cusell

Hans Cusell

Measurement & Allocation Consultant


Mike Stokes

Field Service Manager


Stefan Post

Software Engineer


Gerjan Kerssies

Software Developer


Regina Esselink

Office Support


Jan Bultman