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We believe in continuous improvement by using the power of Data

Hint Is All About Awareness Decisions Results

In the interconnected global landscape of today, technology is more
than just an advantage—it’s a necessity. HINT was born from the
understanding of this reality, the belief that when companies
integrate information and operational technology, they operate most
efficiently, safely, predictably, and sustainably.

For over 30 years, HINT has been bridging the gap between
managers, operators, engineers, and technicians with independent
consulting and cutting-edge software tools, enabling them to execute
their work more efficiently. We’ve witnessed their struggles with
installing, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring online equipment.
Time and money were spent in excess, only to scrape out less than
satisfactory quality data. That’s when we knew we could make a

Offering services across diverse sectors—Energy & Renewable,
Petrochemical, Health & Pharma, and Government, HINT combines
expertise in Measurement & Allocation, Operational Excellence, Asset Integrity & Maintenance, and Software Development & Data 

Our services aren’t just about doing a job. They’re about creating an impact, enhancing efficiency, and pushing for sustainable and accountable operational procedures. We don’t just provide solutions; we build them, tailoring them to the unique needs of each industry, from Oil & Gas to Health & Pharmaceutical. Our suite of AML software solutions is crafted to empower businesses, help them navigate the digital landscape, and achieve their operational objectives.


What makes us different

The values we live by


At the core, we believe in the power of awareness— it’s the stepping stone to improvement. We endeavor to shed light on the operational hurdles and unveil opportunities for enhancement.


Equipped with the right information, making effective decisions becomes second nature. We furnish you with accurate, timely data that forms the bedrock of sound decision-making, propelling your operations forward.


Our end-goal is to deliver results that resonate. The value we bring to the table is measured by the positive impact on your operations, carving a path to enduring success.

Leadership Team

Wolter Last


Ana Cuellar

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Harold Soepenberg

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Sales & Marketing Team

Kerwin Last

Marketing & Sales - Americas

Marvin Oosterhof

Marketing & Sales - EMEA

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