How we do make LNG measurements more accurate and reliable?

The industry loses millions of dollars daily, but yet have to realize it. Recently, I had the privilege to speak at The European Flow Measurement Workshop. More than 200 participants from various countries around the world met in Noordwijk to discuss the measurement of flows, with a focus on the oil and gas industry. One […]

Advances as Hint-Ambrit Alliance Takes Shape in the U.S.A. – Flow Measurement

Two prominent companies involved in the science of flow measurement -Hint and Ambrit, Ltd.- have entered into a collaborative relationship to jointly explore business and technology opportunities. This alliance will begin in the United States, and ultimately go global, as the parties discover new synergies and tackle challenging projects, all while providing greater value to […]

Siemens and Hint join forces

Advancing the digital transformation of Energy & Renewable and Petrochemical Industries After prolonged, thoughtful negotiation, a shared vision came to fruition as Siemens and HINT signed an agreement designed to leverage the best of both companies’ know-how, with regards to software products and consultancy, serving both oil and gas and petrochemical clients.  The main goal […]

Application of online uncertainty calculation in a fiscal gas metering station

A method to improve maintenance and avoid measurement errors Introduction The measurement uncertainty indicates the uncertainty of a measured value of a physical quantity. The measurement uncertainty is a quantity that characterizes the spread of values that can reasonably be assigned to the measurement quantity. Measurement uncertainty characterizes the quality of the measurement. The following […]

Update on Low Carbon energy potential from The North Sea

Project: Innovation Program North Sea Energy (NSE 2020-2021) Background: In order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, an energy transition is necessary. In the Netherlands, a research project is running Innovation Program North Sea Energy (NSE 2020-2021), which focuses on the transition from Oil & Gas to renewables. Hint is participating as an associated […]

What do Asset Owners need to know from their Evacuation Systems?

The ultimate user is the owner of the evacuation system. However, many specific tasks are delegated to subordinates, but conceptually speaking- all these are users, albeit with more specific wishes and requirements. The ultimate user wants to optimise the performance of the whole system holistic approach (whatever thatin specific cases may be), which means in […]

Remote Access Architecture OT-IT

With COVID-19 and the lock-down, we are working from home. The question is how can we implement a safe architecture when remote working becomes the new normal? Right now operators don’t always allow employees to access their plant automation & IT systems from their home location. Besides the cybersecurity there is another challenge: how can […]

Does Artificial Intelligence help us to avoid process & human errors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) the ability of a computer program or machine to thinkand learn, automate & imitate intelligent human behavior is poised to transformthe trust in process instruments and eliminate the human and process errors as weknow it. But it is a complementary technology, designed to enhance the performanceof instruments and humans (managers, consultants, engineers […]